Use Roku Smart TV Without Roku Subscription

Roku has a vivid media platform that allows customers to access thousands of movies and TV shows. This turned Roku from one of the streaming services to America’s favorite streaming service as it started to gain popularity with its simple UI and accessibility. Roku stepped into the TV game in late 2014. The year began to start various TV line ups from Roku that had a great reception among the public. Roku is so far the only smart TV to sport a simple and easy UI which became an instant wallet dropper for most of the people.

 In an era of “smart” things obsession, Roku started to redefine the meaning of smart. It showed the world what a smart TV could mean in the digital era. The ultimate selling point of a Roku TV is the Roku interface which is the bloodline for the Roku TV. The question of using a Roku smart TV without Roku subscription is meaningless; most of the features from the Roku streaming devices come as an inbuilt feature on the Roku TV. This blog will give you more ideas about the different ways in which you can use Roku smart TV without a Roku subscription.

You can use the Roku Smart TV without a Roku Subscription by the Following Ways

Use Roku smart TV without Roku subscription

Use Roku smart TV without Roku subscription

The Good Old Off-air Antenna

Connecting an off-air antenna to the Roku TV is one of the best features available because of the following reasons

  • Off-air antennas are cheap.
  • The connection process is simple. All you have to do is to connect the antenna to the device and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Many local channels are available for free.
  • The antennas have a great reception; hence you can stream 100s of channels of different genres.
  • Many popular networks like ABC, FOX,, and ACC are available through the antenna.
  • You can watch many live shows over the antenna for free which includes famous events like college football matches and the Oscar ceremony.

Make sure the TV is closer to the antenna so that there is no interruption in the signal that the TV is receiving and that will lead to the greater viewer experience.

Using the Apps Available on the Roku Platform

As we have mentioned earlier, many of the features from the Roku streaming devices are identical to the features of a Roku smart TV. Make no mistake; Roku TV still needs an internet connection to work at its full potential.

You can use many of the apps available on Roku TV to watch free or paid content. These apps come in-built with the Roku TV. The channels available at the Roku streaming devices are available here as apps. You can watch YouTube, HULU, Plex, NetFlix and a lot more.

You can also surf through a lot of free stuff and paid channels without any restraints.

Using the Live Streaming Options

You can connect the Roku TV with a proper internet connection; voila you now have access to a lot of content that you can stream through the live streaming options. The best part about this method is that you don’t have to pay any subscription charges when you use the live streaming options.

Surf Through the Free Content Available

There are hundreds and hundreds of free channels available on the Roku TV, thanks to the excellent platform that Roku supports. Many channels like youtube, BBC I player, RedBull TV, VEVO, BBC news are some of the channels from the creamy layer. You can dig deeper to find your cup of tea.

Gamers Paradise

Consider it a sin if you are not going to play games on the Roku TV. When I say games I don’t mean the small puzzles and arcades like Pacman. Connect your gaming console with the TV and start getting into some serious action with the latest availability of the games on the console.

The Roku TV sports a UHD 4K display with crystal clear precision and smooth software. Throw in the Roku soundbar along with the Roku TV; no one can stop you from the ultimate gaming force in the existence.

Don’t Want to Disconnect the Cord, that’s Fine

You can simply connect your cable box with your Roku TV and can enjoy it to the fullest provided your TV provider does justice to the UHD display by providing you with the 4K content.

Not to mention, you can also use the Freeview to access 100s of free content on the TV.

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