Home together is an initiative to focus on helping the users and make them watch the content which matters the most in this situation. As everyone in the house is in the self-quarantine. So people wish to have more entertainment and information on the house itself. So the people are mainly looking for live and local news, kids and family programs, music channels and free tv.

If you wish to get all these entertainments quickly, you can get these Roku tips and tricks from this blog. We can provide the highlights and features of which you wish to stream. For this, you need to have the Roku account and need to complete the Roku device setup steps

Roku Tips And Tricks To Get The Latest News

You are in the quarantine days if you wish to get the information via the news. So to get the news from the home screen easily you can find the local news and live news. By scrolling down to the latest news option on the highlights section. If you choose the latest news section on the Roku device, you can get the live, latest news, top channels for the national, local, and financial information. You can also get the updates like the coronavirus. All in a single place, you can get the popular news sources on the highlight section.

Roku Tips and Tricks

Roku Tips and Tricks

Free Zone On Roku

To get more entertainment on the Roku, you can choose the featured free option on the Roku home screen. You can get this option by scrolling on the highlights section on the Roku home page. On this featured free highlights, you can get the latest season episodes, full past-season catch-ups, top movies, music, and more variety of channels. So by this, you can enjoy the quarantine days with free movies and shows which you wish to stream

Free Roku Zones

On Roku zones, you can discover the entertainment with different top genres. You can get the categories like the news, action, comedy, new release movies, and shows. On the home screen of the Roku, you can get the free titles, entertainment channels; new launches are being found in the free Roku zone. You can get all these on the Roku zone frequently

Roku Tips And Tricks In The Roku Channel

As the Roku has launched the home together to entertain everyone on these quarantine days. You can enjoy the contents on the Roku channel free of cost. If you wish to get the Roku channel free content. You can explore all the free entertainment on the Roku channel from the categories like the essential movies and tv, couch concerts, interior refresh, and family fun.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the premium TV for free of cost at a limited time. You can start to stream the 25 premium subscriptions on the Roku channel. Some of the premium subscriptions like the showtime, EPIX, Smithsonian channel plus, and many subscriptions are available for the 30 days of the free trial.

The noggin can features can able to stream 1000 of free episodes of shows which are available with the ad-free episodes. Some shows like the PAW Patrol and Peppa pig has been available for 60 days of free. To enjoy all this, you need to surf to the Roku channel and get the home together+ premium tv available for free on Roku now

At home together you can also enjoy different categories of movies, tv shows and even for the kids and family. On these quarantine days, you can also get the updates regarding the coronavirus via the latest news. Here on this home together, you can get the local news as well on the Roku device.

For this activate and install the Roku channel which is completely free of cost to stream as well as to activate the channel

To get more details about the Roku tips and tricks, you can get in touch with our expert team +1-805-244-0330 or visit Roku.com/link and resolve the issues.

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