Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions and privacy policies always play a major role to uphold the quality of service that we offer, prevent the threat or misuse and copy right issues of our website. Those customers who would like to access our service can get an idea of these rules and regulations. These are legal regulations that always connect the customers and website authorities.

Our service

Offering quality and timely support to customers is always our vision and this includes device setup and activation assistance, troubleshooting to get rid of the errors and other Roku services.

Laws and regulations

Rules and regulations are important to be followed both by the user and the website and these are framed by the concerned judicial authorities. Copyright regulations will help to avoid the misuse or sharing of the data or information to the third-party authorities. It is not recommended to use or share the data or information published on our website for personal use. In the event that any issue or threat arises, strict regulations will be followed against the concerned person or the website involved.


Maintaining the data or information confidential is always important and therefore, we never share any data without the prior consent of the customers. Suppose if any requirement arises sharing the data will be done with the concerned authorities without taking any prior consent of the customers.

Charge back policies

To cancel any of the services we follow the chargeback policies and the money that we collect will be returned back in case of service cancellation. For the data or documents that we collect from our customers, we have the privacy policies that explain how we collect, transfer and secure all the confidential information.