Features about the Roku Smart Soundbar

  • Dimension and weight-8″ H x 32.2″ W x 3.9″ D 5.5 lbs
  • Voice remote with the tv power, volume, and mute buttons
  • Additionally, compatible with the voice-enabled devices like Alexa and google assistant

Compatible Devices

  • Works with any TV with an HDMI port
  • Voice Remote with TV controls: TV power button works with most TVs.
  • Does not work with Roku streaming player

What is Inside the Package?

  • Roku smart soundbar
  • Premium high-speed HDMI cable
  • Optical cable
  • Voice remote
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Power cables

Settings for the Roku Smart Soundbar with the Roku TV

Roku Smart Soundbar

Roku Smart Soundbar

  • Power on the Roku smart soundbar connect it to the power outlet
  • Connect the soundbar to the Roku using the HDMI cables
  • Enable the ARC and CEC ports on the Roku tv
  • Switch to the correct HDMI inputs where your soundbar is connected
  • Insert the fresh batteries to the remote of the Roku smart soundbar
  • Once your remote is ready, your remote will get automatically paired with your Roku smart soundbar
  • As the Roku smart bar remote is enhanced point anywhere remote
  • You can pair this remote by placing it anywhere

Settings for the Roku Smart Soundbar  with the Non-Roku TV

  • Power up the Roku smart soundbar to the power outlet using the power cable
  • Connect the soundbar to your tv using the HDMI cables
  • Check that the ARC and the CEC ports
  • Give the HDMI inputs correctly to which your soundbar is connected
  • Insert the new fresh batteries to the remote
  • Your enhanced point anywhere remote will pair automatically to the device
  • Then on the screen of your tv, set the preferred language and the location

Wireless Connection to the Soundbar

  • Connect your Roku soundbar to the wireless network
  • Wait until the network search is complete, and then enter the SSID and the password for your network connection
  • After the wireless network connection, your soundbar will proceed with the software update
  • Wait until the software update is over
  • Set the display to your tv after connecting the soundbar
  • Then follow the steps to create the Roku account to connect the Roku soundbar to your tv

Steps to Create the Roku Account

  • As you are using the Roku smart soundbar, you need Roku.com/link create account
  • Connect your mobile and your Roku smart soundbar to the same wireless network
  • Then visit the Roku site and enter the credentials to create the Roku account
  • All you need is the mail id, password, user name, and mobile number
  • After filling the credentials, you will be generated with the activation code on your tv screen which is connected to the Roku smart soundbar
  • Enter the code by visiting the Roku.com/link and activate your Roku account
  • After this, you can enjoy all the streaming channels that are available on your Roku

For further steps related to the Roku smart soundbar get in touch with our customer support team @ +1-805-244-0330 and resolve your issues

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