Antenna Input on Roku

Antennas are obsolete, says the foolish. They date back to a very long time, but they are more evolved than they were previously. Antennas can be a life savior if you find a way to pair it with your TV. Many people frown upon the word antenna because of the hectic work they have to do to connect it to the TV. But this is not the case with Roku TV. If you have a Roku TV connecting an antenna would be like connecting headphones to your smartphone. It is that easy.

Why should I use an Antenna TV Input on my Roku TV?

The antenna when connected with your Roku TV can unlock many local channels in your area. You can simply surf through; say multiple local news channels available in your area. You can also watch sporting events like NFL or college football season in your local channels that you can stream with your antenna. You don’t have to search through the channel store and investigate every channel over there. Instead, simply plug in your coaxial cable and your Roku TV will automatically detect the instrument.

What do I need to Setup the Antenna Connection with the TV?

  • Roku TV
  • Antenna
  • 75-ohm coaxial cable
  • Tablo DVR(optional)

How To Setup the Antenna TV Input on my Roku TV?

Your Roku TV has the ability to connect with the antenna cable by default. Because of this feature, you can simply plug-in your antenna cable to the TV and start streaming the contents available over the air.

Setup Antenna TV input on my Roku TV

Setup Antenna TV input on my Roku TV

Proceed with the following steps to complete the setup

  • Connect the antenna to the ANT/CABLE port.
  • Now go back to the home screen of your Roku TV.
  • Select the antenna option that is displayed on the home screen itself.
  • From here all you need to do is to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once the TV detects the antenna, it will ask you if you want the device to look for the channels.
  • Select the “start searching for channels” tab on the screen using your remote.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate between the options and the “ok” button to select it.
  • If you are using a VPN then your TV will not be able to find the time zone of the device. In this case, the device will ask you to select the time zone for the device.
  • The time zone is required by the device to load the channels based on your device’s zone.
  • When you select a different time zone, then the programs available on that particular time zone will be displayed at your screen.
  • If you are going to connect other devices like a play station or an Xbox, then you need to add the channels 3 and 4 that are the analogs.
  • If you are not going to connect other devices, simply cancel the request.
  • The antenna will now scan for the available channels in the air. The device will automatically neglect the dead channels or the channels with poor reception.
  • This depends upon the location of your device and the antenna.
  • If you are nearby the hub, you can access a lot of channels than someone who is living away from the hub.
  • Now all that’s left is to stream those local channels.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Make sure the coaxial cable is of good quality.
  • The antenna should be at an optimum location for better reception.
  • Don’t place the antennas near ferrous materials or metals as they can interrupt the reception of the antenna.

Tablo DVR for Recording

  • This is an application that is available on the Roku platform to allow the recording of the OTA content through the antenna.
  • There are many practical usages like the guide available in the app.
  • The tablo guide will sort out all the channels available from your antenna, so no more skipping through the channels till you find yours.
  • Additionally, If you have multiple Roku devices in your home, it is practically impossible to connect an antenna to all these devices.
  • Instead, with this tablo app, you can stream the recorded content to any other devices that are available in your home.

This app along with an antenna to the Roku TV is an unstoppable entertainment hub that you can dive into.

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