Roku Won’t Connect To Wireless Network

Once in a while, you will face issues like Roku not connecting to your wireless network. Below are the root causes of this issue and the ways by which you can fix these kinds of problems.

Reasons for Roku Not Connecting to a Wireless Network

The following are the scenarios for Roku won’t connect to wireless network,

Roku Won't Connect to Wireless Network

Roku Won’t Connect to Wireless Network

1. You will not be able to connect your Roku to your wireless network if there is a downtime in the network

You will not be able to link your Roku streaming device to your wireless network if your network is facing downtime. Sporadically, the network might undergo unexpected disruptions and as a result, the network may be facing downtime. At that time you won’t be able to connect to your wireless network

2. The router or the USB cable or other components of your network connectivity may be in a damaged condition

The Router, the USB cable, power cord or maybe the other components of your Roku streaming device or your network may be damaged. This will lead to you not being able to connect to your wireless network as well.

3. There might be a fault in your Roku streaming device

Your Roku streaming device may be affected due to overheating or expose to sunlight or water etc. at these instances also your Roku streaming stick won’t connect with your wireless network

4. The signal strength of your wireless network may be very less

The signal strength of your wireless network may be very less. This will also affect the network connectivity of your Roku device.

5. See if you are using the right network

Sometimes, you may be using the network that you are not deemed to use. There are chances you might be, by mistake linked to your neighbor’s wireless network and at such scenario too, you cant connect your Roku streaming device to your wireless network.

6. You would have keyed the wrong user credentials

There are chances of making a typo error while keying in the Roku user credentials and not be aware of making the mistake. This too will result in the Roku streaming stick not connecting with the wireless network.

7. Roku Software is not updated

Update the Roku device whenever necessary, if not that might result in the non-connectivity of Roku streaming device with the wireless network.

8. A reset option is pending

A reset or reboot of your Roku streaming device is long due and it may also result in your device not connecting with the wireless network

Solutions for Fixing the Roku Wireless Non-connectivity Issue

1. Contact your network provider

Cross-check with your network provider if there is any network downtime. If there is downtime, ask your network provider to resolve it and then try connecting your Roku device to your wireless network.

2. Use components that are up and running

Verify your Network and Roku device components. Replace the damaged components with the original components.. You may contact your service provider or Roku to get the new or spare original components. Using components that aren’t original may damage your Roku device and slow down your network.

3. Check your Roku device

Always ensure that your Roku device is in good condition. It may be damaged due to overheating, excessive usage, etc., Contact Roku and see if you can have your Roku streaming device repaired or replaced.

4. Increase your signal strength

By chance or by mistake you may have set low signal strength; this will lead to a low range of signal being transpired and hence always ensure to maintain appropriate signal strength in your router and devices.

5. Use the exactly correct network

There are chances that instead of connecting to your network you would have connected to others network. Many a time by mistake you connect to your neighbor’s network instead of your network. Hence, your credentials and other specifics won’t work in other’s network. Therefore, be sure to connect to the correct wireless network.

6. Keying the right credentials

To err is human; we all make mistakes intermittently while keying our credentials. The connection might not be established as there may be a typo in our username or password without our knowledge. Verify if you have entered the right network or Roku credentials.

7. Update the Roku Software

Updating of Roku software is mandatory. Then and there, you should update the Roku software. You can go to the settings page, upgrade the Roku device software. Updating the software will further enhance the functioning of the Roku device.

8. A reset or reboot is necessary

Go to the settings page of your Roku device and select the system restart. Then, unplug your Roku streaming stick and after a few minutes have passed, you can try connecting to the wireless network. Similarly, you should also restart and resurrect your network Router.

The above is the summary of the Reasons and solutions for Roku won’t connect to wireless network issues, to know more about connecting your Roku streaming device to your wireless network reach us at

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