To Resolve the Error, Roku Not Connecting to My Home Network

Do you end up receiving the frequent error message “Roku not connecting to my home network“ on your Roku device display screen?

If you find it hard to resolve internet issues as you stream and activate Roku, let us help to fix the error. Now it’s time to identify the reason and cause of the error to begin the troubleshooting

Fix the errors and then proceed to activate your favorite Roku channels

It’s not hard if you understand the troubleshooting guide. Read and follow the steps clearly before you begin. Also, remember that it’s always good to resolve these errors at the earliest.

What Causes Roku Internet Issues?

  • Invalid Roku account credentials used
  • Using a router that is not compatible
  • Wrong network credentials used
  • Signal interferences
  • Connecting multiple devices to a single router
  • Hardware and software issues, signal interferences
  • External software’s or malware that affect your device
  • Router issues
  • Faulty USB or Ethernet cable used
  • Device heating error and faulty device settings

Troubleshooting Roku Not Connecting To My Home Network Problems

Roku Not Connecting to My Home Network

Roku Not Connecting to My Home Network

Use the appropriate troubleshooting guide to resolve network errors. Understand the guidelines to proceed further

  • Scan to check the available network
  • Visit the settings to scan your device, and this step will help to find the available networks. Wait for a while until the scan process complete
  • Device placement- It’s good to place your device close to the Router. If not, signal strength may weaken. Also, avoid connecting multiple devices to the same router
  • Do not use wrong credentials to activate the network. If the existing credentials are invalid, validate and verify the network username and password
  • Get rid of external software’s or malware
  • Device reset can always help to fix the network error. Use the settings > system > system restart
  • Switch to a different connection- You can try using a different network connection, if the existing connection is not active. If you prefer wired connection, fix an Ethernet cable between your device and Router. Then proceed with the settings

Other guidelines

  • Device replacement- Use a different model and if you are new to Roku, check the reviews to select the best among Roku Ultra, Premiere, Premiere Plus, Streaming stick
  • Check the hardware connection to ensure that you fix the cables firmly to the device, and this include the USB or Ethernet cable. Use an alternate cable to verify the connection
  • Update your device software regularly; else, you try updating the version to the latest. Note that the latest Roku gadgets are updated with the version, OS 9.2
  • Improve the wireless signal strength using wireless range extenders
  • If the error messages keep on appearing on the screen, it’s better to disconnect the device from the network and connect it back after a while
  • Do not allow your device to get overheated. Switch off the device and then let the device temperature reduce for a while
  • Cross check and verify the device settings. Besides factory reset can help to fix issues and errors related to device settings

Now to select the appropriate wireless connection as you receive the error message, Roku not connecting to my home network.

To select the Home Network Connection

If you do not know how to select the network connection, use the guidelines below                           

  • To start with, power on your gadget and wait for the Roku Logo to appear
  • Now check if you can view a purple screen
  • Set the required language and display
  • Now navigate to the settings > network
  • Select the option, wireless
  • You can now provide the network credentials in the space that appear
  • Tap on the connect tab and then wait for a while until the connection is activate
  • If you are not sure if the network is active, search for the green checkmark that appear on the loading screen
  • Not to mention, the red checkmark indicate that it’s time to begin the troubleshooting
  • Now to choose an alternate connection, use the tab, set up a new connection. Ensure that the existing connection is disconnected

For more troubleshooting tips to resolve the error, Roku not connecting to my home network, refer the recent blog post on our website. Now use the support number and wait until the agents respond to your call +1-805-244-0330 or visit Connect your device to secure network, activate Roku and visit the world of entertainment.

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