Roku is often regarded as one of the least problematic streaming devices of all times. The set up of the device is so easy. But no device is fool proof, and so is not Roku. Roku frequently runs into one particular issue. We’ve had a lot of people come to tell us, our Roku keeps buffering.

So, in this piece, we thought we’d give you a brief walk through onto how to troubleshoot this very commonly occurring error in Roku.

Roku keeps buffering

Check for internet connectivity

We know this sounds silly, but heed to us! Check if Roku is the only device experiencing this lag in network. When your Roku keeps buffering, please try to stream live videos or content from the internet on your other devices connected to the same network as well. If the other devices also buffer, please note that the network speed is a little low, and that’s why the Roku device is malfunctioning.

Connect Roku to some other internet service

If you have a chance to do this, please give it a try. If not, then it is an issue with your Roku device or your TV. Please check if the display settings that Roku runs on is compatible with your TV. If you are running shows on 1080 or HDR, and if your TV is only capable of running display on 720P, it is understandable that the Roku keeps buffering. Please lower the quality of the video.

Check Roku’s WiFi strength

If you are using Roku streaming stick or Roku streaming stick plus, this might be because of the fact that the device is behind the TV and the range of the Roku device might be lesser than the other devices. That’s why Roku has provided an AWR device that can be used for both an RSS and an RSS+. So, if your Roku streaming stick keeps buffering, please connect these devices to an AWR device and check if it helps.

Remove obstacles on the signal path

When your Roku is connected to your WiFi, please make sure that the devices are as close to each other as possible. Even when these devices are apart, please make sure that there aren’t as many obstacles in between them. A wall or a cabinet in their path might as well be the reason your Roku keeps buffering, and you can troubleshoot this by just moving these devices around a little.

Resetting the connection

If this rearranging does not work, we suggest you reset the entire connection. For that, you’ll have to disconnect the Roku device from both your TV and your internet. After disconnecting the Roku device from these two, switch all the three devices off as well. Once the connections are established, switch on the internet, the TV and the Roku device. Check if your Roku still keeps buffering.

Roku software update

This might be one final thing you can do. If you think there has been a software update that your Roku device hasn’t automatically updated, please do it manually. If there are no software updates however, please make sure to give your Roku device a factory reset. This will take Roku back to the settings that it came with, so it might help you. If it helps, please attempt replacing your High-speed HDMI cable as well, and use only Roku cables to connect the Roku to TV.

If you have any more questions, or if your Roku keeps buffering, please let us know and we’ll help you solve the issue! Visit for more updates.

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