Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are the guidelines that explain how we collect, secure and transfer the data or information collected from our customers. Get an idea of these policies before you access or make use of our service and also, accept, understand and adhere to these policies to proceed further.

Rules and regulations

There are set of regulations to prevent the use of data or information available on our website for personal use or to prevent sharing of data to the third-party organizations. Those users who involve in such activities that misuse the information provided will be penalized as per the judicial regulations that we follow.

Document type

Documents or information that we collect from our customers include the personnel data, billing or credit card information, error reports, device manuals and a lot more. Device manuals provide you information on the features and specifications of your device, technical information and a lot more. All the documents that are collected will be used or referred if the customers would like to access any of our services. Apart from this location information is also collected whenever there is a requirement.

Data collection methods

Collecting the data or information from our customers is easy and we use either email, phone or chat options available


Our website authorities are not responsible or liable for the threat or misuse that arise due to sharing the data with third party associates or using the data for personal use. In case if there is any threat or misuse arises, strict action will be taken against the concerned authorities. It is the responsibility of the users as well as website authorities to safeguard all the data or information that they have.


Enable cookies visiting the respective settings as it will help you to improve the website traffic or to download the required documents from our websites.

Reservation of rights

Our website authorities will have the rights to make changes to the policies and all the changes that we make will be mentioned on our webpage.