Roku Error Code 014

Roku streaming device users are familiar with Roku Error Code 014. This error message generally, pops up when you stream Roku channels, activate new Roku gadgets or while accessing the Roku device settings.

You will always get an error message or warning alert whenever the error code affects your device and hence it is a must to troubleshoot your device using the tips and tricks. This Roku Error Code 014 is applicable for all the Roku streaming device models that arrive.

Let us help you with some guidelines to get rid of the error

What Does Roku Error Code 014 Denote?

Error codes on Roku are many and Roku error code 014 indicates the internet connectivity issue. Most often, network issues occur due to

  • Invalid credentials
  • Weak signal 
  • Faulty network cable or router

Reason and Cause

Causes for Roku Error Code 014 are many and it’s always important to select the exact guide to resolve it. The old version of device software, software update failure, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, antivirus or firewall software, weak network signal can be some major reasons for the error to appear on your device screen

How to Get Rid of Roku Error Code 014?

 Execute the tips and tricks below to make your troubleshooting easier

Roku Error Code 014

Roku Error Code 014

Check your WIFI Connection

  • Check if the network connection that you use is active
  • If you are connecting the device for the first time verify the network username and password
  • Always type the credentials in the right space provided
  • In case if you forget the network credentials, use the remember password option
  • Most of the network issues will resolve if you perform a device reset or restart

Use an Alternate Connection

Disconnect your device from Wi-Fi and try establishing an alternate network connection. This step can help you to get rid of the Roku Error Code 014 to some extent

Replace Your Router

You can also try replacing your router with a new one. Check out the product reviews to find the router models compatible to use with your device

Position of Your Device and Cables

  • Place your streaming device close to the router. Do not allow other obstacles or external devices to block the signal
  • Make use of the wireless range extenders to improve the signal strength
  • Slide the Ethernet cable properly to the device if you prefer using Ethernet port

Update Your Device Software

If you have installed the software already, cross-check and verify the software version. Roku streaming gadgets are designed in such a way that it will download and update the software automatically once connected to network.

Check regularly for the latest software updates, find the latest software compatible to use with your Roku streaming device

Visit the Settings > System > System update > Check Now > Click on the Software update option > Wait until the device gets connected to the software update server

Disable the Firewall Software

The antivirus or firewall software installed on your device can be another reason for the error. These software’s that always prevent the device to get connected to the network, hence uninstall it to check if the errors resolve

Switch Off Your Roku Streaming Device

It will be good if you avoid using your streaming gadget for a long period of time. Sometimes overheating can be a reason for the error

Reset Your Device Settings

  • Soft, hard and factory reset are the most common reset methods. Select any one method and all your device settings will reset
  • Go to Settings> Select the Reset option > Wait until the process complete

Use Another Streaming Sevice

The error can be due to the streaming device that you use. As there are a lot of latest device models available you can try replacing the existing device with a new model

If you find the above troubleshooting tips difficult to execute, visit and our agents can help you to troubleshoot the Roku Error Code 014

We have the best team trained to answer any queries and concerns that you have.

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