Recently raised their pricing by at least $10 per month on both of its packages, indicating its presence in the competition. While proffering high-quality, consistent streaming services, the provider also offers a range of live sports and other, on-demand entertainment that comes from a fairly well-organized interface. If you are a fan of Spanish language channels and soccer, then you must subscribe to this.

About Fubo TV and its Pricing

  • With a bloated channel count of sports,’s lower tier costs around $55 per month and contains more than 80 channels to choose from
  • The upper tier moves to $60 per mo. and offers more than 100 channels for viewers to choose from
  • Both of these tiers offer a 7-day trial absolutely free of cost
  • Users get two simultaneous streams and if you wish to get a third elective one, you just have to pay a mere $5.99 / mo.
  • Yet, at no extra charge, you get 30 hours of DVR – but at the same time, pay an extra meager $10/mo. to get 500 hours of DVR – the service also offers indefinite storage
  • Recordings stay forever without getting deleted after 28 or 30 days unlike other providers

FuboTV Features

  • The channel has notably, carved out a sports niche for itself especially when it comes to the high-quality videos
  • Offering more frame rates increased to 60 fps, provides smooth and sleek sports viewing – Fubo was also among the first providers to offer this frame rate
  • Historically, streaming high-quality videos have been Fubo TV’s strength all along

FuboTV Channel Count

  • With over 80 channels encompassed in their base package itself, comes with myriad opportunities for the viewers
  • Bringing you as much sports content as possible, including FS1, NBA TV, NBC Sports network and much more, the channel provides you with more than 100 channels on its next-level package
  • You can get a whole load of non-gaming channels as well, such as CNN, FX, National Geographic, Turner Classic Movies, AMC, and much more
  • In the end, very comfortably replaces the cable or satellite TV
  • Now, fuboTV is compared to superior competitors such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now and others
  • There are several live sports channels available on Account Setup

Activate Fubo TV on Roku

  • Just enter details such as your email address and Zip code to create an account on
  • You also have to enter your credit card number for billing
  • Choose a plan and you will navigate instantly to the main page
  • The channel primarily is known for its no-hassle configuration-free settings interface

  • With a clean and compact interface, present a black and grey color scheme with an occasional white and orange thrown in
  • The older interface seemed a little murky with just dark blue splashed across
  • More recently, the upgraded version of the interface is better laid out and more coherent
  • Choose from any of the sections on the top such as Movies, Series, Sports, and My Videos
  • At the top right-hand corner, you will fund the Help and Settings buttons

Sports tab on FuboTV

  • In all of those, the Sports tab appears by default and even contains some featured events along with recording facilities and broadcast timings
  • Different programming categories are available that can be filtered according to user requirements and relevant leagues
  • Hit the DVR to schedule recording for your favorite event or simply jump to watching it live
  • You can go back up to 72 hours from the current time to watch your preferred content from under Lookback
  • Schedule a future recording by fast-forwarding 10 days hence

Roku Setup for FuboTV

  • To activate, reach out to the channel store to find fuboTV
  • Thereafter, just select your provider and then add the channel to the player
  • You have to enter your email address and credit card credentials to avail of the free trial and continuous billing

Extras at a Glance

  • Along with the two main bundles, encompasses these extras as well:
  • 6 channels of Fubo Cycling costing around $11.99 / mo.
  • At just $5.99 / mo. get all the 5 channels of International Sports Plus
  • With a subscription of $8.99 / mo. for 23 channels of Sports Plus
  • There are 5 channels of Adventure Plus available as well for just $4.99 / mo.
  • NBA League Pass comprising of 30 channels is offered at around $28.99 / mo.

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