What is Mac Address

All the NIC will have a hardware address that can be known as MAC and it stands for Media Access Control. And these Mac addresses are related to the hardware of the interface adapters. In easy words, a Mac address is preferred to a network adapter. The IP address and the Mac address will work mutually.

How to Locate Mac Address on Roku?

  • Finding the Mac address on Roku is quite simple and easy
  • Firstly, access the Home screen of the Roku from the television
  • After that, access Settings and then choose Network
  • Secondly, choose the Wired or the wireless connection from the connection type
  • Finally, the Mac address can be seen in either Ethernet Address or Wired Mac Address
  • The Mac address on Roku will also be available at the back of the Roku streaming device

Find the Mac Address on Roku

Add Roku Streaming Stick to the Wireless Network Using MAC Address

Add Roku Streaming Stick to the Wireless Network Using MAC Address

Find the Mac address on Roku by the following, if it is not at the back of the Roku

  • Firstly, power on the Roku device and make all the necessary connections
  • Next, under the main screen of Roku, press the Up arrow to view the menu bar
  • After that, choose the Settings option and then choose Player Info
  • Secondly, make a note of the MAC address will appear  on this page
  • Moreover, using the computer that has the network access and access a web browser
  • Through the web browser, reach the usage connectivity site and enter the Mac address
  • Thirdly, make sure to place a colon in between every two characters
  • And finally, click the Register Device option

There are more ways to locate the Mac address on Roku

  • Firstly, access the home screen and then choose the Settings option
  • After that, choose the About option and then you can find the Wireless address on the screen
  • And for a wired connection, check for the Ethernet Mac address on the screen
  • Secondly, select for the correct address and then carry on with the on-screen prompts
  • Now, find the correct Mac address on Roku and then link it to the Roku streaming device
  • Finally, the user must separate the address that is given for both wired and wireless connections

How to Add Roku Streaming Stick to the Wireless Network Using MAC Address?

  • Firstly, to add the Roku streaming stick, search for the Mac address from the rear part of Roku streaming player (Roku.com/link)
  • Access the Roku Home screen using the Roku remote and then choose Settings
  • And now, the user can find the Mac address on the screen
  • the digital pairs will include both wired and wireless connection
  • Next, restart the Roku device and modem to fix all the errors associated with the Mac address
  • Secondly, access System and then choose Settings
  • After that, select About and find the Mac address
  • Power on the Roku device and then go to the Network settings to link the Wireless network connection
  • The user can view the connectivity settings on the Roku home screen
  • Moreover, provide the correct wireless network username and password
  • And make use of the Ethernet cable if a wired connection is preferable
  • Finally, carry on with the on-screen instruction that appears on the Roku screen to complete the process

If you face any issues in finding Mac address on Roku or Add Roku Streaming Stick to the wireless network using MAC address, do contact our support team @ +1-805-244-0330 for further assistance

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