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Entertainment lovers will have the best time streaming on the top device models and Roku introduces the lineup of latest models with top features and specifications. Offers entertaining channel categories and you will never end up bored streaming.

Select your streaming Device

It’s time to explore the endless entertainment and select Roku Streaming Stick the latest model that is widely preferred by most of the customer’s.

Attractive features and specifications of the device always grabs the interest of most of the customers. Get the device, start the Roku setup steps and execute it right away.

New users can refer the activation steps and guidelines for Roku setup

Device activation

Start the guided setup and get the preliminary requirements such as cables to connect the device to the TV, Roku account to link the device and network connection with good speed

Get the preliminary requisites for setup

  • Hardware setup

    • Slide all the necessary cables and you can use a premium HDMI cable to connect Streaming Stick to TV
    • Double check and ensure that you slide the device to the valid port
    • Use quality cables to get better output
    • Insert the power cable such as one end of the cable is fixed to the device and another end to the power adapter
    • For a wired connection, you can slide the Ethernet cable between your device and Router
  • Software

    • The update is automatic and you can communicate with our service provider to find the compatible software version
  • Guided setup

    • Switch on your Roku streaming device to start the guided setup
    • The guided setup steps include language and display selection, connecting your device to the network
    • Change the theme and personalize the display screen
    • Set the time and location if required
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Connect your device to Network

  • Active and secure internet connection is a must Roku com link account setup
  • As you switch on your device network settings will be visible on the screen
  • Find the settings to connect your device to the Network and there are two options, wired and wireless
  • Customers who prefer wireless option and select it and type the credentials, username and password
  • Tap on the connect option and wait for a while until the device gets connected to the Network
  • Wait for green checkmarks to appear on the screen and it indicates the Network connection status
  • Red check marks denote network errors and you can start the troubleshoot right away


connect your device to network
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Device software update

The software update is automatic and as you wait, the device will automatically download and install the latest software version


Do you have a Roku account?

Visit the page  if you have an account. Do not have a Roku account? Go to the URL and provide the required data.

  1. First Name
  1. Last Name
  1. Email ID
  1. Verify Email ID
  1. Password
  1. Verify Password
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Update the payment information

To activate the top and entertaining channels select the option, update credit card or payment information. Credit Card and PayPal are the widely accepted payment methods and you can choose the compatible one. Use the option to activate Pay channels or to make any transactions


How to update the Payment information on your Roku account?

The steps below can help you to update the payment information

  1. To start with login to the Roku account that you use
  2. Start your search to find the payment method option under the “update tab”
  3. Select the option that you prefer
  4. If you would like to remove the data select the option, remove the payment method

Set the Roku account pin

Creating a Roku account pin will help to prevent unauthorized channel purchase and there are three options to set the pin

Suggest you navigate to the Pin preference tab and select the best option from the list

  1. Require Pin to make purchases and Add items
  2. Require Pin to make purchases
  3. Pin is not required to make purchases or Add items

Top features of Roku Streaming Stick

All the Roku streaming device models are equally good and Roku Streaming Stick is the most preferred brand and here are some of the top features of Roku Streaming Stick.

  • Best streamer that offers top and entertaining channel apps for streaming such as Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Hulu and a lot more
  • Supports streaming 4K and HDR contents
  • Voice search feature to make all the required selections
  • Attractive design that grabs the attention of most of the customers
  • Cheapest model when compared with other Roku streaming devices
  • Simple menu to make all your selections easily
  • Handy remote to operate the device
  • Roku operating system version 8 that offers excellent streaming performance
  • With the volume and power buttons, you can control any TV model that you use
  • Affordable and most of the entertainment lovers prefer to buy it
  • Use the voice commands and the voice search feature will help to make all the required selections

How To Activate The Roku Streaming Stick Using

Settings to activate the Roku streaming stick activation

Step 1

Turn on the Roku device and connect the device to the power via the power cable

Step 2

Pair the Roku device to the remote. Then connect the device to the network by processing the steps on the settings.

Step 3

Once you establish the network to the device, you need to check that there is any software update on the device. If yes, then connect the device to the strong network and process for the device activation.

What if you get stuck with errors?

No matter any streaming device model that you use it is sure that you will end up with setup and activation errors. Identify the error type; start executing the troubleshooting tips right away

  1. Check the streaming device activation and device linking code. If the code that you use is not valid click on the STAR button of your remote to get a new code
  2. Verify the Roku account that you use and always ensure that it is valid and secure
  3. Always connect your device to good speed Network connection and we recommend you select wireless to get better speed
  4. Restart your router to get rid of the Network and connectivity issues
  5. The device software version that you use must be the latest
  6. Restart your Streaming Stick and check if the errors still remain
  7. Take out all the cables connected to your device, disconnect it from the network and connect the cables back again
  8. Double-check if you use valid page to link your device
  9. Do not miss any of the device setup and activation steps
  10. Select either the factory reset option, soft or hard reset to reset your device
  11. If network errors popup, check the wireless network credentials that you use and make sure that you type the credentials in the required space
  12. If it is a channel activation error deactivate the channel and start activating the channel again

It’s time to explore the world of streaming and suggest you read and understand the activation steps before executing it

To add and active Roku channels

Most streamed Roku channels include

  1. News On
  2. HGTV
  3. CBS News
  4. The Roku Channel
  1. Tubi TV
  2. Pluto TV
  3. Netflix
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  1. NBC
  2. Sling TV
  3. CNN
  4. Popcorn Flix
  1. Vudu
  2. Fox
  3. Starz
  4. Sony Crackle

how to add or activate Roku channels

To add or activate channels

  • Switch on your device and move to the channel store tapping on the streaming channels tab
  • Start your search typing the channel name
  • Get the search results, select the channel and click on the Add channel option
  • Wait until channel activation process complete
  • To get the paid channels, pay the service charges contacting our service provider
  • Use the Remove channel option if you would like to remove any Roku channels

Users who require more assistance for setup and Roku Streaming Stick activation can ring the support number @ +1-805-244-0330


Connectivity problems with your home’s Wi-Fi can be addressed using the following remedies.

  • Make sure you are attached to the right wireless network
  • Always ensure you have entered the proper password
  • Check if the router works and if it doesn’t, then your router is most likely down or needs an alternative
  • It is similarly important to see the strength associated with the wireless signal
  • Reboot both the Roku Stick and your router and place them closer to one another

Follow the below quick steps to overcome the Roku Stick not working issue,

  • Check and make sure that you have connected all the cables properly
  • Validate and verify the device activation steps which includes account creation and device linking with an activation code
  • Account creation will require a unique email ID from the user
  • Similarly, a correct activation code from the TV is needed to completedevice activation
  • Soft and hard reset options are available which you can use to revive the Roku Stick

Channels related issues on Roku can be confined to particular channels and here are a few tips to check on them. If you have issues buffering certain programs of a channel, then use the following steps,

  • Check if you are able to play other videos from the same channel
  • If you are able to stream other videos, then the locked videos will be available at an additional cost
  • But if you are able to open the video and yet unable to stream it, then contact the channel provider right away

In case you are not able to buffer any of the videos of a particular channel, then try the following remedies,

  • First of all, check if you are able to play videos from other channels
  • There might be an issue with the channel if the above statement is true
  • Otherwise, troubleshoot the network and the Roku device to resolve this issue

The Roku Stick overheating problem occurs for many users and there is a simple remedy to overcome the same. It occurs whenever you directly connect the device to the TV using a USB cable instead of connecting it to the power adapter that came along with the device. Try connecting the streaming device to the power adapter and you will see that the issue vanishes completely.

Try getting a genuine replacement online in case you have misplaced this wire and hence are using a USB cable in its place. You can try out this second option if you have tried a new power cable and still there is no change. Make use of an extension cable for the device and this may somehow help the device not get overheated.

For other Roku activation or troubleshooting queries, give us a quick call at our toll-free number +1-866-218-9910.

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